Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Milk - Kisah Susu dan Tiga Orang Lelaki

Salam Blogger Semua !! Hari ini aku ingin bercerita mengenai MILK aku rasa semua orang tahu apa itu SUSU kan?? Wachhha..So jom kita ikuti kisah susu dibawah!



There were three guys hitchiking along the roads of a plain, boring field because their car overheated from the long drive. Exhausted, hungry, and thirsty from the long walk, they were desperately willing to stay over anywhere. Fortunately, they saw about a mile ahead of them a cow ranch, filled with hundreds of cows. They decided to stay there for the night. So they looked for the main office to ask the ranch owner if they could stay for the night. However, the ranch owner left for the day and no one was there. Too tired from their journey, they decided rather to sleep with the cows than walk forever. They each slept under a cow.

One guy said, "I'm hungry and thirsty, what will we eat and drink?"

Another guy suggested to drink the milk from the cow since they were lying beneath the milk sac. So they began to suck and drink.

The first guy said, "My cow's milk is so good, I finished it all and now I'm full."

The second guy said, "M! y cow's milk is so good, I finished it all and now I'm full."

The third guy said, "My cow's milk doesn't taste quite right."

The first and second guy then said to the third guy, "Well, try another nipple, that one probably has no more milk."

The third guy in a confused state exclaimed, "But how come my cow has only one, long, nipple!?" hahahaa..entah aku pun tak pasti ye ker?? sape tahu sila bage komen..wakakakahhhahh..

Sesekali buat lawak apa ada kisah..hahaha

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